Early Concept Art

One of the first things I did was to draw out some of the creatures inhabiting Almavavlia. As you can see, the first drawings weren’t really very realistic. I had a hard time deciding how much clothing the animals would wear, my initial idea being to have most characters fully dressed, which ended up making them not look very much like the original animals at all. This was not what I really wanted at all.

Early Sketches of some of the various jobs and classes of Almavavlia.

So, I set off in search of a way to create rodents that stood on their hind legs and looked civilised, but were still identifiable as the original animals. To create this, I looked at some illustrations from the Angelina Ballerina books illustrated by Helen Craig, who had a realistic way of drawing anthropomorphic mice that I liked.

The original illustration from Angelina’s Birthday

Then I created a similar image to the one shown in Angelina’s Birthday. As you can see, it still wasn’t perfect, (look at the size of the elderly mouse posting a letter!) but it gave me a solution to how to draw the kinds of animals I wanted in a realistic way that I liked.

My drawing based loosely on the illustration

Finally, after quite a bit of fiddling around with clothing, fur colours, and head shapes, studying photos of the rodents I wanted to use, and working out which colours each profession would be  most likely to wear, I ended up with this:

Clockwise from top left hand corner: Plump Grey Mouse, Chinese Hamster Chieftan, Water Vole Shipwright, Shrew, Wood Mouse Soldier, Field mouse Captain (off duty)

I’m still not quite happy with the shrew, and I’m working on some better ‘Grey Mice’. But I do now have the basic outlines for the different animals! 🙂

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