Random Fridays: Best Films of 2014

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

I watched hardly any new films this year, so this post is going to be pretty short. But anyway, here we go:

How to Train Your Dragon 2 I’m really into animated films, by the way. And this one was just, wow. First off, I find that animated sequels almost never live up to the original, but this one definitely did. The ending was a little rushed, but still, this film is just awesome. Also gonna throw in a good word for the soundtrack. Seriously, it’s amazing. Anyway, moving on…

The Lego Movie We got this in Hungary while on holiday just for the sake of it. (no we didn’t watch it in Hungarian. It had language options.) We all laughed insane amounts and managed to watch it about five times in a couple of weeks.

And now a couple of films that I haven’t been able to watch yet, but plan to soon.

Big Hero 6 Although this is already out in the US, we Brits aren’t getting it till the absolute last day of January. 😦 But like I said, I’m really into animated films so I hope to see this as soon as it’s possible.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies This one’s out, but I haven’t seen it yet. Given how Part 2 turned out, I’m not expecting it to be much like the book at all, but I think it’ll still be worth the watch.

So that’s it. I said I didn’t watch many new films this year. If you want to take part in Random Fridays you can check it out by clicking on the first picture.

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One thought on “Random Fridays: Best Films of 2014

  1. I’m with you — I only saw three new movies this year. 🙂 Including How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The Hobbit 3. HTTYD2 WAS AMAZING YES!!! I agree with you! It totally lived up to the first one; I may even have loved it more, and that NEVER happens with sequels. o.o ALSO THE SOUNDTRACK YES. ❤ And The Battle of the Five Armies wasn't much like the book, no (which I'm sad about because I'm a big book fan…) but it was still awesome, if you just pretend it wasn't based on a book. XD


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