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A Month In Review: April 2015

A Month in Review April 2015

All kinds of awesome happened this month 😀 First of all, our house is actually finished! Well, there’s still one room that needs doing, but other than that it’s done. In case you’re wondering, the reason our house actually needs finishing is because we’re converting part of an old convent into an apartment type thing (cause we’re strange like that). For Easter we went all the way down to Devon for a camp type thing like we usually do. I didn’t have as much fun as I usually do, but there were still some enjoyable parts. Anyway, on to the post!

Things I watched

We went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron the day it came out (23rd April in the UK) and it was amazing! Seriously, go and watch it as soon as possible (although remember to watch the first film beforehand). I really need people to fan girl over this with. I would go into details of it’s awesomeness, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Just go and watch it. (America gets it tomorrow. Yay!)

While we were at that Easter thing, we got to see a performance of White Rabbit by Rise Theatre, which was really good. I’m not sure whether it’s still playing or not though. 😛

Season Five of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic started near the beginning of this month, and it’s been great so far.

Lastly, I discovered Teen Titans via some people on DeviantArt. At first it seemed a bit meh, but it turned out to be pretty good. I ended up watching about thirty episodes in a couple of days because I was ill. That last episode made me cry. Why did the series have to be cancelled? Oh well. Moving on,

Things I read

I swear Cumbria Libraries has about the worst selection of books in the universe (obviously an exaggeration, but still) They have practically nothing that I actually want to read! Grrr… Never before have I missed Surrey this much. At least I just found one trilogy that they actually have, so hopefully next month won’t be quite as bookless (the fact that my birthday’s coming up doesn’t hurt either). By Darkness Hid was free for a little while, so at least I got that on my kindle. It was actually even better than I expected, so that’s good.

Things I did

I already mentioned that we went down to Devon for the Easter Holidays. As I mentioned last post, I started writing Wolf Cry. Go Teen Writers had a Word War, so that was helpful for getting words down.

I’ve done eight pieces of art for Marianne’s 30 day OC challenge (not all of them are uploaded yet) My favourite so far was this one, which I did partly to celebrate Age of Ultron coming out:

Marianne as Captain America, Age of Ultron version

I still haven’t sewn the eyes onto my Rarity doll (what is it with me and procrastination?), but I will eventually!

Things I’m looking Forwards to in May

It’s my birthday on the 12th of May! 😀 So obviously I’m excited for that.

There’s more MLP to look forwards to as well.

I think there was something else happening in May but I can’t remember what it was 😛

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How was your April? Is there anything you’re looking forwards to in May?

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Random Fridays: Let’s Talk About Writing

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

This week we’re talking about writing! Yay! So I’m going to talk about my current WIP, Wolf Cry. This is the cover I created for it with my okayish photoshop skills (I don’t actually have photoshop. I use GIMP instead cause it’s free and I don’t really have money to spend on graphics programs):

photos found on assorted stock photo sites.

photos found on various stock photo sites.

Wolf Cry is the first book in a planned series of at least 3 books which I’m currently calling the Blueblood Chronicles. It’s set in a world that’s basically what happened when I took the world of fairy tales and turned it into high fantasy. (which was really fun to do, by the way) As a result there are multiple fairy tale retellings sharing a universe. It’s hard to explain without going off on a long ramble (I’m pretty bad at concisely explaining what goes on in my head), but hopefully you get what I mean. Apologies if this post is a bit of a mess.

Anyway, onto talking about the actual book. Wolf Cry is primarily based around the fairytale Snow White, but with a few elements from Red Riding Hood and some others thrown in. The basic jist of the story is that Gwendolyn (Snow White) and some other people go on a quest to find a giant talking wolf that may or may not exist for a variety of reasons. They’re also trying to prevent fairies from being wiped out, and a load of other things are going on as well.

The Characters

Her hair should really be black, but otherwise it’s almost perfect.

First of all we have my lovely protagonist, Gwen. She’s the Snow White figure of the book. (There is a separate character who’s literally called Snow White, but she’s actually from a different fairy tale altogether.) She was actually quite bland before I started writing, but as soon as I actually got going, she turned out to be a very interesting person.

I don’t really have a picture for Caelan, so here’s his raven instead.

Then there’s Caelan, who’s kind of my replacement for the huntsman, although he has a considerably larger part in the series. He’s messed up his life pretty bad (which wasn’t entirely his fault), but he is trying to be helpful. He’s also proving a bit more difficult to write than I expected.

Next there’s the third party member, a beast hunter called Red, who joined for the money and stayed for the cause. I already talked a bit about Red in this post earlier this month. She also serves as someone to slap some sense into the others when things get too emotional. I’m really looking forwards to writing her.

Lastly we have the main antagonist of the series (I have plans for at least two others, but Calanthe is the most obvious and the most important one). She’s the evil Queen of the story, and one of the people who wants to kill fairies. For some reason I really enjoy writing from her point of view, even if she’ll probably only get a few paragraphs to herself. She’s just so deliciously villainous.

Now the actual writing part

I have 3,775 words down so far, and it’s been really fun writing. Most interesting thing so far was when I was about 8 pages in, and Gwen mentioned something I hadn’t planned, and all of a sudden I had an allegory on my hands, an origin story for my story world, and a logical role for the Great Wolf (the giant talking wolf I mentioned). So that changed a fair bit, and also loads of things I’d been planning on made sense. I’ve never really had something happen spontaneously like that in my previous writing, so that was cool.

The part I enjoyed writing most so far was a tiny bit less than ten lines long when I got to write from Calanthe’s point of view. Is it weird that I love writing my antagonist this much?

So that’s it for now. There’ll be more about Wolf Cry and it’s sequels later on. In the mean time, I have a pinterest board dedicated to it, if you feel like checking that out. If you want to participate in Random Fridays, just click on the picture right at the top of this post and it should take you to where all the info can be found.

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Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favourite Authors

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week it’s my all time favourite authors, so without further ado:

1. C S Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia were what first got me into reading, so I have a lot to thank this guy for. 🙂

2. Marissa Meyer As I’ve said many times before, Marissa’s Lunar Chronicles are amazing. Definitely one of the best YA series I’ve ever read.

3. L M Montgomery Anne of Green Gables was another one of my favourite books as a child, (I read the whole series several times) and her other books are mostly good too.

4. Lauren Child. Lauren is one of the best children’s authors out there in my opinion, and I still enjoy reading her books. (Yep, a 16 year old still enjoys Charlie and Lola and Ruby Redfort. Deal with it)

5. John Flanagan Ranger’s Apprentice is amazing, and Brotherband is almost equally so. I love coming back to them over and over again.

6. Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie and the other books in the series are another old favourite.

7. Roald Dahl Yet another childhood favourite. I remember reading pretty much every one of his books at some point.

8. Rick Riordan. One of the authors I discovered more recently. The Percy Jackson books were very addictive.

9. M I McAllister The only reason she’s so far down this list is because I’ve only read the Mistmantle Chronicles and I have no idea how her other books measure up. Otherwise she’d be right up after Mr. Lewis (who gets automatic first place for introducing me to Fantasy)

10. L Frank Baum This man’s books are absolutely delightful. I always go back to the Oz books when I’m sad.

So, that’s it. Sorry if this post feels rushed, I have a lot of things to get done today. Who are your favourite authors?

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Beautiful People: Sibling Edition

Uh, so I came across this today, and decided to join in. Beautiful People is hosted by Sky @ further up and further in and Cait @ Paper Fury. It’s basically a character questionnaire thingy. This month is about siblings (yay!), so I’m doing my characters Red and Snow from that fairy-tale thing I was talking about last post (which I’ve ended up writing for Camp NaNo :D). They aren’t the protagonists (in fact, Snow only appears in the last quarter or so), but Red especially is rather important to the plot. Here they are:

Snow White – the ‘perfect’ older sister

Rose Red – the, um, sister they don’t talk about any more

Now, on to the questions!

1. What is the first memory they have of each other?
Playing together under the rose bushes outside their house.
2. Describe their relationship in 3 words.
Used to be: loving, inseparable
Now: strained
3. What kind of things do they like to do together?
They don’t any more, but they used to play in the forest, groom bears and save dwarves. A lot.
4. What was their biggest fight?
They used to have little fights when they were younger from time to time (like siblings do). The biggest ‘fight’ would have been that time Red ran off into the wild and never came back (it’s a long story). Although it was only Red who was fighting as such. Snow mostly sat down and cried a lot.
5. How far would they go to save each other?
Even with their relationship being almost nonexistent at the moment, each would most likely go as far as death to save the other.
6. What are their pet peeves about each other?
Snow always found Red’s tom-boyishness mildly irritating, and Red is frustrated by her sister’s seeming perfection.
7. What are their favorite things about each other?
Snow admires Red’s strength of character, and ironically Red loved that Snow was always kind and gentle
8. What traits do they share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks, etc?
They have few similarities, but they are both imaginative and unconventional (Snow to a lesser extent in the latter), and they have matching cloaks from their grandmother. (Snow’s is White, and Red’s is well… Red)
9. Who has the strongest personality?
Red, although Snow is strong in her own quiet way.
10. How does their relationship change throughout your story?
Not quite sure as yet, but I do think they’ll become friends again at some point in the series.
So, not exactly the happiest of siblings at the moment. Yes, they are based on a fairy-tale (well, Red is based on two), and it shouldn’t be too hard to work out which one they’re from. There’ll be more about this series in later posts, but for now I can tell you that the current name for book one is Wolf Cry, although that’s likely to change in the future.
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A Month In Review: March 2015

A Month in Review March 2015

First I would like to announce that unlike most things posted on this day, this is actually 100% true. Promise. Moving on…

So, we can actually use our bedrooms now! 😀 so that’s good. I honestly can’t remember much of what happened this month. But here goes:

Films (and TV Shows) I watched

We didn’t manage to continue our Marvel spree this month. In fact, as far as I can remember, we only watched two films for the first time.

Catching Fire was awesome, as was Divergent. Both stayed very true to the books (although I’m mildly irritated at the bit with Jeanine at the end of Divergent), which is good. I don’t really have that much to say about them…

We watched so many TV shows this month it’s insane.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was so AWESOME.I miss the characters already. (might go back and re watch that one soon) I’m going to move on before I start fangirling XD

Then I managed to watch the all four seasons of The Legend of Korra (about fifty episodes) in a bit more than a week. Then I watched the whole thing again with my siblings. Those two shows are just so addictive! Now we’re trying to decide what to watch next 😛

Finally, my best friends brother convinced me to watch Gravity Falls and I’m glad I did. I just finished watching the last available episode. (no more until Summer D:)

Books I read

I only read one ‘proper’ book in March (why does the library have to have such limited stock? Why?!), Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, which was quite good. Due to a lack of books to read, I read a ton of MLP Fan Fiction. You can reach some of my favourites by clicking the pictures above. When the Stars Align and Wingover are both set in the kilalaverse. (based on the work of Kilala97. Remember her from last month?) The former was a little dark, but it was very good. Wingover is more lighthearted. Eternal was amazing, on par with ‘real’ novels. It’s very long (nearly 160,000 words!) but totally worth it.

Things I did

Our TV broke a couple of weeks ago. And it turns out that was a good thing, because with the replacement TV we can finally play Minecraft multiplayer. It’s very fun.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I started working on a fantasy series a while ago. No, not the one with the Elves I did for NaNoWriMo (that one’s been abandoned by the way. It wasn’t working no matter what I did with it), a new fairy-tale-ish thing. I won’t reveal too much right now (mostly since there isn’t much to reveal), but I have plans for books inspired by Snow White and The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Anyway, it’s finally coming together. The whole thing was like a giant mess in my head until recently. Hopefully I’ll be ready to actually start writing by the end of April.

I also have a super-heroish thing in my head, but I’m still waiting for a plot that works with the characters and universe.


I’ve been doing more fan art, and some original stuff. Also, I started a 30 day drawing challenge thing, using my character Marianne (from the super-heroish thing I mentioned earlier):

On the crocheting side of things (did I mention I crochet? Cause I do) I’ve started working on making amigurumi dolls of the Mane 6 from My Little Pony (have you noticed I’m rather obsessed with that show at the moment?) So far I’ve done Rarity, though she still needs her eyes and cutie mark sewn on.

Things I’m Looking Forwards to in April

We’re going to an Easter conference thing tomorrow. I don’t think there’ll be much internet access, so won’t be around for about a week.

Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic starts in just three days! So excited!

and The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out in cinemas on the 24th of April! In the UK anyway. Looking forwards to that 😀

Phew. So that’s what I did this month. Hope you have a good Easter. How was your March?

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