Random Fridays: Places for Summer Vacation

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

I probably won’t be going abroad this year, but we do usually (I’ve been to over twenty different countries so far, although some only for a couple of days). So instead I’m going to list my five favourite places I’ve visited while on holiday.

Lake Balaton, about a five minutes walk from where we stay

1. Balatonboglár, Hungary

This is probably the best place in the universe. The weather is amazing, the food is delicious and insanely cheap, and the lake itself is fabulous. There’s also a ton of other interesting things to do. The only downside is the insects, but you can’t really escape insects no matter where you go in the world (trust me, I know).

2. Scandinavia

More specifically, Sweden and Denmark, which I’ve counted as one since we rarely visit one without going to the other. I’m technically Danish, and most of our relatives live in one of these two countries. Sweden is awesome, and Denmark is where my favourite cousin lives, and he’s awesome. We actually created an entire fantasy world together (my cousin and I, that is).

3. Lourdes, France

I spent my ninth(?) birthday here, and it was amazing. I have a lot of fond memories of this place, especially involving ponies and my first experience with Anne of Green Gables (which aren’t things you usually associate with Lourdes, but whatever)

4. Rome, Italy

We went here in October the year before last to see one of my Australian second cousins get ordained, and it was both amazing and exhausting. It’s surprisingly easy to get lost (do not trust the maps, they lie), and the food is amazing (writing this post I’ve realized I seem slightly obsessed with food when on holiday. The pizza and ice-cream is the best part by the way).

Melbourne, where we spent most of our visit

5. Australia

We went to Australia a really long time ago, back when my grandparents still lived there. We also have twenty second cousins there (in two families), and they’re awesome (the priest is the most awesome). I don’t remember much of them from when we were there, but we met several of them when we went to Rome, and some of them visit from time to time. But what I do remember of Australia was amazing.

What are your favourite places? Is there anywhere you’d like to visit in the future?

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2 thoughts on “Random Fridays: Places for Summer Vacation

  1. Such a fun post! I really want to go to France myself, and Scandinavia would be really fun, too.


  2. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Wow, you have family all over the world, eh?! I used to have a sister living in China, and then the rest of my siblings aaall over Australia. YAY BUT YOU HAVE BEEN TO MY COUNTRY!! I’ve never actually been to Melbourne though *gasps* so I would like to go there. And also France. ❤ I long to see the Eiffel Tower.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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