Random Fridays: Fun Facts About Me

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

Hosted by Awkwordly Emma

So apparently this week I just have to share a bunch of random facts about myself, so this should be fun. 😀

1. I’ve been to at least 15 different countries, most of them in Europe.

2. I’ve moved house twice, first from Copenhagen in Denmark to Surrey, England when I was two, and then from Surrey to Cumbria a little less than a year ago.

3. My dad read me the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy before we watched the films, and I still find them easier to listen to than read.

4. I’m much better at drawing women than men, and I have no idea why.

5. I actually hate using the term Pegasister for a female My Little Pony fan, which has led to me feeling really confused as to what the heck I should call myself.

6. I’m really bad at choosing favourite episodes/scenes of anything, so don’t ask.

7. I find it easier to concentrate on something if I’m multitasking, so I frequently watch cartoons or listen to music and do art/school work at the same time.

8. I’m super sensitive to blood, but strangely I had almost no problems with that one scene in Spirited Away when that character (who shall go unnamed because of spoilers) bleeds all over the place.

9. I prefer going out to buy books to buying them online, but I rarely do because it’s more expensive.

10. I’m kind of obsessed with details, which is part of the reason I love drawing fan art so much.

So that’s 10 random fun facts about me. Did you join in Random Fridays this week? If so I’d love to see your post! 😀

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3 thoughts on “Random Fridays: Fun Facts About Me

  1. Oooh, nice facts! 😀 My dad read LotR to me when I was little, and I remembered nothing. 😛 I finally sat down and read them myself.

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  2. I’m impressed:) Let’s hear it for the dads! Reading LOTR out loud is awesome. I read out loud to my husband, but the stories are much shorter. We did read all the Narnia books out loud to one another. Those were the longest stories we’ve ever read out loud to one another:)


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