The Guilds

Every animal in Almavalia, excluding most of the nobility, is part of one of the thirteen guilds. Each guild has it’s own color and craft master, each of whom is part of the council. Three guilds have no craft master, namely the farmers, fishers and miners. These, as well as the soldiers, priests and stable workers, are known as the free guilds, while the others are craft guilds. Here, the free guilds are listed first, followed by the craft guilds.


Uniform: cloak (everyday wear) and/or helmet and shield (on duty) the color of their fief flag.

Emblem: Sword and Shield

General (craft master): Lord Robert IronPaw

Mostly: Grey mice, wood mice, field mice.

Soldiers have the task of protecting the kingdom from enemies and guarding their baron. Most soldiers are stationed at either an outpost or a castle. Most soldiers fight on foot with swords, but some ride chinchillas and fight with spears.

Stable Workers

Uniform: tan cloak or apron

Emblem: Chinchilla

Head Groom (craft master): Callum Greyfur (grey mouse)

Based in: The Royal Fief (Valvia)

Mostly: Grey Mice, Voles, Wood Mice.

It is the stable workers’ job to look after the chinchillas and their tack. They also breed and train chinchillas.


Uniform: Long hooded tunic in either cream or light brown.

Emblem: N/A

Head Priest (craft master): Father Bruno

Mostly: all kinds of animals can be priests.

The job of priests will be explained in more detail in a later post.

Farmers & Gatherers

Uniform: green cloak

Emblem: wheat sheaves

Craft Master: N/A

Mostly: Field Mice, Wood Mice, and Voles

Farmers and Gatherers are responsible for providing food for the rest of the populace. Farmers are mostly Field Mice from Erbana (central fief) and Monteld (North-West fief) where they grow cereals and vegetables, and Gatherers are mainly wood mice from the North fiefs who gather nus, berries, and fruit in Silver Forest and Nutmeg Wood. There are also some voles in this guild who grow hay in the South to feed the chinchillas.


Uniform: light blue cloak

Emblem: Fish

Craft Master: N/A

Based in: South fief (Dunell)

Mostly: Voles

Fishers also provide food in the form of fish which they catch on the coast in the fishing harbour.


Uniform: black apron or cloak.

Emblem: Pick axe

Craft Master: N/A

Based in: North-West fief (Monteld) and West fief (Ordell)

Mostly: Shrews

The miners mine for coal, jewels, gold and other ores in the mines of Ordell (west fief), or they cut rock in the quarries of Monteld (North-West fief)


Uniform: Pinkish-Purple cloak

Emblem: Needle & Thread

Craft Master: Heather Bay (grey mouse)

Based In: Royal fief (Valvia)

Mostly: any Mouse race, voles

The weavers guild is made up of weavers, who weave cloth and tapestries, and seamstresses/tailors, who sew clothes etc. A few weavers weave baskets out of reeds, sticks, and such.


Uniform: brown apron or cloak

Emblem: clay pot

Craft Master: Sarah Brown (grey mouse)

Based In: Central fief (Erbana)

Mostly: Field Mice, Voles, Grey Mice, Shrews

Potters make all sorts of things out of clay, especially pots, crockery, and ornaments.

Metal Workers

Uniform: grey apron or cloak

Emblem: hammer and anvil

Craft Master: Samuel Graye (grey mouse)

Based In: West Fief (Ordell)

Mostly: Grey Mice, some Wood Mice and Shrews

Metal workers inclued blacksmiths, tinkers, jewelers and anyone who makes things from metal for their living.


Uniform: Orange apron or cloak

Emblem: Saw

Craft Master: Simeon Seagrain

Based In: North fief (Sylvada)

Mostly: Wood Mice, Voles

Carpenters have the job of crafting pretty much anything that’s made from wood, including furniture, containers, and even houses!


Uniform: dark blue apron or cloak

Emblem: ship

Craft Master: Andrew Saltpaw (vole)

Based In: South Fief (Dunell)

Mostly: Voles

Shipwrights, as the name suggests, mend and build boats, which are used by fishers, traders, and sometimes, in the unusual event of war, soldiers.


Uniform: white apron or cloak

Emblem: bowl and spoon

Craft Master: Eleanor Dustfoot (grey mouse)

Based In: Royal Fief (Valvia)

Mostly: Grey Mice, Field Mice

Cooks have the important job of preparing the food provided by the Farmers, Gatherers, and Fishers. This includes owners of restaurants, bakers, and the Castle cooking staff.


Uniform: black robe or yellow cloak

Emblem: quill pen

Craft Master: Maritta Colin (shrew)

Based In: Royal fief (Valvia)

Mostly: Shrews, Grey Mice

‘Scribes’ is a somewhat generalized name; this guild includes, as well as scribes, anyone who’s job is associated with books and/or learning, such as teachers, authors, and printers

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A Few Big Changes

Well, I recently made a few major changes. The first is, Maeve, who was previously listed as the Main Protagonist, has become a secondary character! :O And the new Protagonist is … Prince Fir! Who used to be playing the part of Maeve’s best friend.

Another slightly smaller change, there is now a new map! Here it is in full:

the new map of Almavavlia. None of the places of interest have been greatly altered.

the new map of Almavavlia. None of the places of interest have been greatly altered.

This map was created by someone on ravelry and posted to me as part of a swap. 🙂 The new map is now set as the website header.

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List of Characters

A list of all named characters due to appear in Almavavlia, in alphabetical order.  😀


Amelia Dalby (field mouse) ~ Younger child of Sir Brendon Dalby. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (father), Sarah Dalby (mother), Arthur Dalby (brother), Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby (aunts)

Andrew Saltpaw (vole) ~ Craftmaster of the Shipwright Guild.

Arthur Dalby (field mouse) ~ Elder child and heir of Sir Brendon Dalby. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (father), Sarah Dalby (mother), Amelia Dalby (sister), Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby (aunts)


King Birch (grey mouse) ~ King of Almavavlia. Relatives: Queen Olivia (wife), Princess Ebony (sister), Prince Fir (son), and Princesses Grace and Sophie (daughters)

Sir Brendon Dalby (field mouse) ~ Baron of Erbana Fief. Older brother of Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby. Relatives: Sarah (wife), Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby (sisters), Arthur Dalby (son), Amelia Dalby (daughter)

Father Bruno (grey mouse) ~ head priest of Almavavlia.


Lady Clover Dalby (fieldmouse) ~ Fiance of Lord Conmal, older sister of Maeve and younger sister of Sir Brendon Dalby. Former Maid of Honor. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (brother), Maeve Dalby (sister), Arthur Dalby (nephew), Amelia Dalby (niece)

Lord Conmal Sylvada (woodmouse) ~ Baron of Sylvada Fief. Engaged to Lady Clover Dalby. Relatives: Bryan Sylvada (brother), Sylvia Sylvada (sister)

Captain Cyril (grey mouse) ~ Captain of the Guard at Castle Valvia.



Elaine Dunell ~ The middle Maid of Honor. Relatives: Sean Dunell (father), Jane Dunell (mother), Fynn Dunell (twin brother), Lord Swyngal Dunell (uncle)

Eleanor Dustfoot (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Cook Guild.


Prince Fir (grey mouse) ~ Main Protagonist, Crown Prince of Almavavlia. Relatives: King Birch (father), Queen Olivia (mother), Princess Ebony (aunt), and Princesses Grace and Sophie (sisters)

Fynn Dunell ~ youngest King’s Companion. Relatives: Sean Dunell (father), Jane Dunell (mother), Elaine Dunell (twin sister), Lord Swyngal Dunell (uncle)


Princess Grace (grey mouse) ~ Princess of Almavavlia, second child and first daughter of King Birch and Queen Olivia. Relatives: King Birch (father), Queen Olivia (mother), Princess Ebony (aunt), Prince Fir (brother), and Princess Sophie (sister)


Heather Bay (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Weaver Guild.






Maritta Colin (shrew) ~ Historian and Craftmaster of the Scribe Guild.

Meave Dalby (field mouse) ~ youngest Maid of Honor and Prince Fir’s best friend. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (brother), Lady Clover (sister), Arthur Dalby (nephew), Amelia Dalby (niece)



Queen Olivia (grey mouse) ~ Queen of Almavavlia. Relatives: King Birch (husband), Prince Fir (son), and Princesses Grace and Sophie (daughters)




Lord Robert IronPaw (grey mouse) ~ Baron of Monteld Fief and General of the Almavavlian Army. Relatives: Lady Amelia (wife), Sir Christopher IronPaw (son), Ember IronPaw (daughter)


Samuel Graye (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Metal Worker Guild.

Sarah Brown (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Potter Guild.

Sean Dunell (vole) ~ younger brother of Lord Swyngal. Relatives: Jane Dunell (wife), Lord Swyngal Dunell (brother), Fynn Dunell (son), Elaine Dunell (daughter)

Princess Sophie (grey mouse) ~ Princess of Almavavlia. Third child and second daughter of King Birch and Queen Olivia. Relatives: King Birch (father), Queen Olivia (mother), Princess Ebony (aunt), Prince Fir (brother), and Princess Grace (sister)

Lord Swyngal Dunell (vole) ~ Baron of Dunell Fief. Relatives: Lady Sandra (wife), Sean Dunell (brother), Fynn Dunell (nephew), Elaine Dunell (niece)


Lord Timeaus Ordell (shrew) ~ Baron of Ordell Fief. Relatives: Lady Sapphire (sister)



Violetta (grey mouse) ~ The oldest of the Maids of Honor, has a crush on Captain Cyril.





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Here you can look up various races, countries, terms, etc. That I made up for Almavavlia. This will be constantly expanding as I write more.


Almavavlia ~ The country in which the story is set. For more info, see The Map of Almavavlia.

Arkeo ~ A large country to the west of Almavavlia. Inhabited by Hooded Rats.


Black Rats ~ One of the Rat Races. Slightly smaller than Hooded Rats, but greater in number. Usually black or grey all over. Same breed as Black Rats in our world.



Dwarf Hamsters ~ One of the Hamster Races. These are the smallest Hamster Race, and have dark grey fur with a white belly and darker grey fur running in a line down the spine. Same breed as Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster in our world.



Field Mice ~ One of the Mouse Races. Light yellowish brown, smaller than the other Mouse Races. These Mice generally enjoy farming.


Great Desert ~ A large expanse of dry sand and dust to the extreme North-West of the continent. Inhabited by Greater Hamsters, Spiny Mice and Snakes.

Greater Hamsters ~ One of the Hamster Races. Large and plump, usually with golden-brown fur. Same species as Syrian Hamsters in our world. Less intelligent than most other races.

Grey Mice ~ One of the Mouse Races. Come in a variety of fur colours. Same breed as pet mice in our world.


Hooded Rats ~ One of the Rat Races. Larger but less common than Black Rats, white with a black or dark brown head and markings. Same species as Fancy Rats in our world, but with less variety in colour and markings.





Lesser Hamsters ~ One of the Hamster Races. Smaller and slimmer than Greater Hamsters, with grey or dull brown fur. Same breed as Chinese hamsters in our world. These intelligent, peaceful hamsters live just to the south of the Great Desert.








Silveo ~ A middle sized country to the North of Almavavlia. Inhabited by wood mice.

Spiny Mice ~ One of the Mouse Races. Fur rises in spine like tufts towards the tail, fur is usually grey or pale yellow-brown. These warlike mice are exclusive to the Great Desert.





Wood Mice ~ One of the Mouse Races. Pale brown fur, with yellowish fur on the back of the neck. Same breed as Yellow Necked Wood mice in our world.




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Early Concept Art

One of the first things I did was to draw out some of the creatures inhabiting Almavavlia. As you can see, the first drawings weren’t really very realistic. I had a hard time deciding how much clothing the animals would wear, my initial idea being to have most characters fully dressed, which ended up making them not look very much like Continue reading

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The Beginning

This story first started when we were watching my hamster, Misty (now dead), climbing around in her cage. She was actually pretty awesome, and my brother suggested making a story about hamsters, but setting it in a world a little like Mistmantle. Now, I’d better explain just what Mistmantle is. It’s a small island in a medieval-style time inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, mostly squirrels, hedgehogs, otters and moles, that features in the excellent book series ‘the Mistmantle Chronicles’. I would highly recommend this series for anyone 8-16, possibly older. Anyway, back to the whole hamster thing. I pointed out that although hamsters would be pretty epic heroes, most people would probably have a hard time taking them seriously (I know I would), so we decided on using mice and other rodents instead. One thing my brother was very big on was, we should try to be original in assigning alignments to different species. Hence we had a whole country full of good-guy rats (not wanting to go down the clichĂ©d ‘rats are always evil’ path), and assigned Egyptian Spiny Mice as the main villains, at least to start off with.

Egyptian Spiny Mouse

Then we added some Capybaras for the Spiny Mice to ride, and hamsters did make it in to the story eventually, but not as major characters.


We decided that Almavavlia would be the name of the country where the story is set, and it would be inhabited by three kinds of mice, (house mice, known as ‘grey mice’, yellow-necked wood mice, and field mice), European water voles, and shrews. There would also be chinchillas, which would not be anthropomorphic but used as riding animals.

Admittedly, the story did not instantly become a book, but started out as a kind of RPG-type game we’d play. I also started on a little booklet about the country and drew a few maps, one full colour, the others black and white. Then the whole idea was practically forgotten for several months, before re-emerging with my idea of actually writing a book about it as originally planned. It’s still in the concept stage, but I do have a basic plot which I am currently sorting out properly. So that’s the basic idea so far, and I hope you’ll enjoy the concept art, country and character information, and, eventually, book chapters, that I will be posting from now on.

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