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Interview with Adelle (Blue Team)

Adelle Character Ref

As promised, it’s time for another character interview! This time I’ll be interviewing Adelle, a major character in my webcomic-in-planning, Blue Team. You can find her bio here. Let’s get started.

Me: *turns to Adelle* you ready?

Adelle: *sits excitedly in a chair, swinging her legs back and forth* Yep!

Me: Right, first we have a bunch of questions from Coretta, a character belonging to MeghanStoryweaver: What’s your favourite food?

Adelle: Cake. Just any kind of cake in general. Preferably with cream or chocolate though. Or both.

Me: Okay. Also from Coretta: Why are you so cute?

Adelle: That’s a secret *winks*

Me: Last two questions from Coretta: Do you have a pet? Is it fluffy?

Adelle: *beaming* Yes I do! I have a big white cat I got for my birthday one time. Her name is Sapphire, I’ve had her since she was a kitten. I’m pretty sure she’s magic. And yes, she is fluffy! She’s just the fluffiest cute adorable kitty cat you will ever have seen in your life and-

Me: *clears throat*

Adelle: *grins* sorry. But she is.

Me: Of course she is. Right, next we have a couple of questions from anderhander on Ravelry: First, is it hard being shortest on the team?

Adelle: Not particularly. Getting stuff from high shelves or whatever is easy with telekinesis, and being small also means I get free piggyback rides if I’m tired or want to see over crowds. There’s sometimes teasing and dumb nicknames of course, but everyone gets that so it’s all good.

Me: Nice to know. Anderhander’s other question: Are you also the youngest member of the team?

Adelle: Yep. I’m just over seven months younger than Elliot, who’s second youngest. A lot of people seem to expect me to be younger than that for some reason.

Me: Right, next we have a bunch of questions from Picklesthehamster. First: Who do you like the most on your team?

Adelle: *rests her chin on her hand, thinking* I think Jackson’s probably the nicest. He’s really thoughtful and always listens to what I have to say. He’s pretty quiet though. Not to mention the whole suppressed emotions thing. Elliot’s a lot of fun, but he can be kinda mean sometimes. Not to me so much, but still. He’s really fun to hang out with though, we get along great.

Me: Second, who annoys you the most on your team?

Adelle: Maybe Johanna? I think she finds me kind of annoying, which is annoying. Like I said, Elliot can be pretty mean sometimes so that’s sometimes annoying too.

Me: Interesting. Next question: Why do you have blue hair?

Adelle: *puts on a serious face* I sold my soul to a witch so she’d turn it blue. *giggles* Just kidding. It’s natural! Bright or ‘unnatural’ hair colours are pretty normal for Fey-Bloods. I’m pretty sure my mother had blue hair, so that would be why mine is too.

Me: Last question from Picklesthehamster: How do you like to spend your free time? And GoAgainstTheFlow wants to know what your favourite pastime is.

Adelle: I spend most of my free time just hanging out with the others. I play with Sapphire a lot, and make sure she stays fluffy and nice looking. Not that she needs much help. Elliot’s my favourite person to hang out with though. We do all kinds of fun stuff. My favourite is probably when we binge-watch TV shows.

Me: A couple more questions from GoAgainstTheFlow: What is your favourite memory?

Adelle: *answers immediately* My mother singing. It’s one of the only clear memories I have of her so I think about it a lot. She has a very nice voice.

Me: Last question: Who is most important to you?

Adelle: *thinks for a while* I suppose my mother. It’s very important to me that I find her someday. Out of people who are around now, though… Maybe Cass? She’s been almost like a second mother for a while now. She’s been kinda… sad, I guess, since Aidan died though. Dove is pretty important to me to, since she’s pretty much the only tie I have to my mother now, besides maybe Sapphire. *trails off into thought*

Me: Well, that’s all the questions we have for today. Thank you for answering them.

Adelle: *sits up and smiles* no problem.

Me: Thanks to everyone who left questions! I hope you enjoyed the interview. Who do you think I should interview next? Thank you for reading!

Adelle: *waves* Bye!

aesthetic Adelle

Beautiful People: Adelle

Interview with Marianne (Blue Team)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Female Characters

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Well, this is a day late but oh well. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was a freebie, so I decided to do my favourite female characters, which is something I’ve been wanting to post about for a while now. Knowing me, a good half of these will be from TV shows rather than books. I’m only going to use one character each per book/show so we don’t get a bunch from the same thing. So here are my favourite female characters:

1. Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara is one of my favourite characters ever. I could go on for a while about how why I like her so much, but I love how she’s a mature, powerful waterbending master but still feels very much like a real girl.

Fanart by Laura Hollingsworth

2. Iko from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Iko is hilarious. I don’t think a character’s ever made me laugh as much as she has. I cried when Spoilers she ‘died’ in Cinder. Spoilers ended

Rarity being as fabulous as always

3. Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Yeah I’m sure anyone who knows me well was expecting My Little Pony to show up on this list. Although Fluttershy is my favourite pony, I do like Rarity best as a character. She’s utterly fabulous, and can be rather whiny at times, but she makes up for it by being hardworking, intelligent and generous. Unusually for a show aimed at small children, she even runs her own business, and is getting really good at it.

4. Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables and it’s sequels by L M Montgomery.

The Anne Books were my favourite childhood series along with the Chronicles of Narnia, and the main reason was Anne Shirley herself. I think I’ve mentioned what I love about her before, but I especially love her quirky, poetic way of talking and wild imagination.

5. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

I love almost every character in Fairy Tail, but Erza’s one of my favourites. At first glance she seems like your stereotypical ‘strong female character’ who just kicks butt and that’s pretty much it, but she actually goes a lot deeper. She can be kind and gentle, and she can sometimes be completely ridiculous and go along with whatever silly antics the others are up to.

6. Jo March from Little Women and it’s sequels by Louisa May Alcott

Jo has always been my favourite of the March sisters. She’s funny and smart, and very independent and forward-thinking for her times.

7. Pearl from Steven Universe

Pearl is my favourite gem in this show. She’s graceful, intelligent, and organised to a fault, the last of which I can really relate to. I’m not sure why, but the Pearl-centric episodes are often the ones that make me cry. (I love it when fictional things make me cry)

Fan art by Viria

 8. Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson books and Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Ah, Annabeth. Unfortunately it’s difficult to put my thoughts on her into words and I’m running out of time, so let’s just say I love everything the rest of the fandom loves about her. (approximately)

9. Starfire from Teen Titans

Again, Starfire is another character who can kick butt but is also kind and gentle. (I like these kinds of characters, in case that wasn’t obvious) I love how she usually tries to take the peaceful route if she can, though.

annoyingly, this is the best picture I could find.

10. Ssilissa from The Larklight Trilogy by Philip Reeve

Ssilissa falls into the same category as Erza and Starfire, (I’m really running out of time on this post, so sorry for being rather brief in my description for the last few) but she also gives excellent advice when needed and happens to be the only female alchemist in the Solar System (at least for the first book and a bit)

So those are my ten favourite female characters. Who are your favourites?

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List of Characters

A list of all named characters due to appear in Almavavlia, in alphabetical order.  😀


Amelia Dalby (field mouse) ~ Younger child of Sir Brendon Dalby. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (father), Sarah Dalby (mother), Arthur Dalby (brother), Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby (aunts)

Andrew Saltpaw (vole) ~ Craftmaster of the Shipwright Guild.

Arthur Dalby (field mouse) ~ Elder child and heir of Sir Brendon Dalby. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (father), Sarah Dalby (mother), Amelia Dalby (sister), Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby (aunts)


King Birch (grey mouse) ~ King of Almavavlia. Relatives: Queen Olivia (wife), Princess Ebony (sister), Prince Fir (son), and Princesses Grace and Sophie (daughters)

Sir Brendon Dalby (field mouse) ~ Baron of Erbana Fief. Older brother of Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby. Relatives: Sarah (wife), Lady Clover and Maeve Dalby (sisters), Arthur Dalby (son), Amelia Dalby (daughter)

Father Bruno (grey mouse) ~ head priest of Almavavlia.


Lady Clover Dalby (fieldmouse) ~ Fiance of Lord Conmal, older sister of Maeve and younger sister of Sir Brendon Dalby. Former Maid of Honor. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (brother), Maeve Dalby (sister), Arthur Dalby (nephew), Amelia Dalby (niece)

Lord Conmal Sylvada (woodmouse) ~ Baron of Sylvada Fief. Engaged to Lady Clover Dalby. Relatives: Bryan Sylvada (brother), Sylvia Sylvada (sister)

Captain Cyril (grey mouse) ~ Captain of the Guard at Castle Valvia.



Elaine Dunell ~ The middle Maid of Honor. Relatives: Sean Dunell (father), Jane Dunell (mother), Fynn Dunell (twin brother), Lord Swyngal Dunell (uncle)

Eleanor Dustfoot (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Cook Guild.


Prince Fir (grey mouse) ~ Main Protagonist, Crown Prince of Almavavlia. Relatives: King Birch (father), Queen Olivia (mother), Princess Ebony (aunt), and Princesses Grace and Sophie (sisters)

Fynn Dunell ~ youngest King’s Companion. Relatives: Sean Dunell (father), Jane Dunell (mother), Elaine Dunell (twin sister), Lord Swyngal Dunell (uncle)


Princess Grace (grey mouse) ~ Princess of Almavavlia, second child and first daughter of King Birch and Queen Olivia. Relatives: King Birch (father), Queen Olivia (mother), Princess Ebony (aunt), Prince Fir (brother), and Princess Sophie (sister)


Heather Bay (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Weaver Guild.






Maritta Colin (shrew) ~ Historian and Craftmaster of the Scribe Guild.

Meave Dalby (field mouse) ~ youngest Maid of Honor and Prince Fir’s best friend. Relatives: Sir Brendon Dalby (brother), Lady Clover (sister), Arthur Dalby (nephew), Amelia Dalby (niece)



Queen Olivia (grey mouse) ~ Queen of Almavavlia. Relatives: King Birch (husband), Prince Fir (son), and Princesses Grace and Sophie (daughters)




Lord Robert IronPaw (grey mouse) ~ Baron of Monteld Fief and General of the Almavavlian Army. Relatives: Lady Amelia (wife), Sir Christopher IronPaw (son), Ember IronPaw (daughter)


Samuel Graye (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Metal Worker Guild.

Sarah Brown (grey mouse) ~ Craftmaster of the Potter Guild.

Sean Dunell (vole) ~ younger brother of Lord Swyngal. Relatives: Jane Dunell (wife), Lord Swyngal Dunell (brother), Fynn Dunell (son), Elaine Dunell (daughter)

Princess Sophie (grey mouse) ~ Princess of Almavavlia. Third child and second daughter of King Birch and Queen Olivia. Relatives: King Birch (father), Queen Olivia (mother), Princess Ebony (aunt), Prince Fir (brother), and Princess Grace (sister)

Lord Swyngal Dunell (vole) ~ Baron of Dunell Fief. Relatives: Lady Sandra (wife), Sean Dunell (brother), Fynn Dunell (nephew), Elaine Dunell (niece)


Lord Timeaus Ordell (shrew) ~ Baron of Ordell Fief. Relatives: Lady Sapphire (sister)



Violetta (grey mouse) ~ The oldest of the Maids of Honor, has a crush on Captain Cyril.





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